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New professorship focuses on children's mental health

Aarhus University has appointed Carsten Obel as professor within public health. He will continue his research into children and young people's mental health. Research that particularly benefits disadvantaged children.

Children must make the best possible use of their mental potential – also disadvantaged children. That is the focal point of Carsten Obel's research.

He has conducted research into child health during the last 25 years and he is now professor at the Department of Public Health at Aarhus University. Here he will collaborate with a project group to further the work of gaining a better understanding of mental health over a lifetime, but in particular the early part of life. A major priority is also to ensure that research-based solutions can be used in the practical work with children carried out by the municipalities. 

"We work using population studies, neuropsychological web and technology-based tools to help children and young people with mental challenges, for example skolesundhed.dk. Combining support and development of practice with the collection of data for research is a central part of our activities," says Carsten Obel.

There is plenty of evidence to suggest initiatives that support mental health early in life, during pregnancy, throughout childhood and into adolescence, can greatly benefit society.

Carsten Obel has worked as a general practitioner in Denmark, Greenland and Norway concurrently with his research activities. He is presently on a leave of absence from his position as a general practitioner at the Vennelyst park doctor’s surgery. He lives in Aarhus but is also in Copenhagen one day a week working for the Danish Committee for Health Education.

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