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New professor will target treatment of leukaemia

Eigil Kjeldsen is a medical specialist in clinical genetics and as of 1 January 2017 he is a new professor of cancer cytogenetics at Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital.

The newly appointed professor conducts research into precision medicine with particular focus on acquired chromosomal abnormalities in connection with leukaemia and lymphoma in children and adults.

His research will be able to target the treatment of leukaemia, which is a form of cancer in the blood, with the help of more precise identification of acquired chromosomal abnormalities in the affected cells. The goal is for Eigil Kjeldsen's research to benefit patients with leukaemia in the form of fewer side effects and increased effects of the treatment.


Professor, Consultant Eigil Kjeldsen
Aarhus University, Department of Clinical Medicine and
Aarhus University Hospital, Department of Haematology
Mobil: (+45) 4034 4354
Email: eigil.kjeldsen@clin.au.dk