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New professor uses virtual reality in treatment

When Jan Wolff takes up his professorship at Aarhus University on 1 June 2021, he will bring augmented reality, 3D printing and artificial intelligence into the clinic with him. Here he will develop digital tools to treat patients with maxillofacial disorders.

Jan Wolff conducts research into how digital technologies can improve the surgical skills of medical doctors and dentists and, in this way, lead to more targeted treatment of the individual patient. The digital tools developed via his research provide new opportunities to plan and adapt surgery according to the individual patient's anatomy – and also to test the operation itself virtually before the patient sits in the chair.

The new digital tools minimise the risk of surgical errors, reduce the time that surgery takes and save healthcare costs. At the same time, the virtual data can be used to program surgical robots, print body parts in 3D, educate students in a safe environment and provide surgical training for healthcare professionals all over the world, which has great potential in third world countries in particular.

Jan Wolff takes up both the position of professor of computer-aided dentistry and surgery at the Department of Dentistry and Oral Health and of section manager at the Section of Maxillofacial Surgery and Oral Pathology. The professorship is the first of its kind in Europe.


Professor Jan Wolff
Aarhus University, Department of Dentistry and Oral Health
Mobile: (+45) 2462 5382
Email: jan.wolff@dent.au.dk