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New procedures for appointing academic staff come into force

In connection with the revised recruitment procedures coming into force, Health has implemented Aarhus University’s seven recruitment norms and reduced the workload on the faculty's assessment committee.

Health's new and improved recruitment procedures make the work of appointing academic staff simpler and more flexible.

The new recruitment procedures are the result of a revision that has been headed by Vice-dean Ole Steen Nielsen.

AU's recruitment norms are now implemented at Health

With the new recruitment procedures, Health lives up to the senior management team's seven norms for the recruitment of academic staff. The norms are intended to ensure a common direction in AU's recruitment.

"As a faculty, we achieve two important milestones with the revised recruitment procedures. Firstly, we make it easier to recruit talented researchers. Secondly, we now live up to AU's seven norms for the recruitment of academic staff, so that we together with the three other faculties contribute to a stronger recruitment practice for the entire university," says Vice-dean Ole Steen Nielsen.

Reducing the workload of the assessment committee

The revised recruitment procedures reduce the workload for assessors and allow Health to use shortlisting for all types of academic staff appointments. Furthermore, applicants to academic staff positions must now, as a newly introduced practice, complete a special application form.

"We’ve done our utmost to reduce the workload of our assessors. Being an assessor at Health must be straightforward, flexible and not unnecessarily time-consuming. And the new initiatives, which are incorporated in the revised recruitment procedures contribute towards the assessment committee focusing their efforts and beginning the actual assessment work more quickly,” says Vice-dean Ole Steen Nielsen.

The evaluation work that forms the basis of the new recruitment practices has given rise to a number of changes that are implemented with the new recruitment procedures. For example, the procedures contain new and revised criteria for assessments and new assessment templates. In addition, the, faculty management team has decided that the Dean's Office – typically in the form of Vice-dean Ole Steen Nielsen – will participate in the appointment of tenured associate professors and professors.

The revised procedures are valid from 15 September 2018, and you can find the new guidelines and templates on Health's website.

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