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New Doctor of Medical Science conducts research into pain after whiplash

Some people develop long lasting injuries and pain after suffering whiplash, while others do not. Clinical associate professor, PhD and newly appointed Doctor of Medical Science Helge Kasch from Aarhus University and the Regional Hospital Central Jutland, has developed a model that can assess the risk of long-term complications.

The model, which is based on Helge Kasch’s research into what are known as prognostic markers, can be employed to help detect patients who are at risk of developing persistent headaches and neck pain after a whiplash injury. The early risk assessment aims to ensure better and faster treatment for the most severely affected whiplash patients.

In his pain research, Helge Kasch investigates both biological, psychological and social mechanisms as contributory causes of long-term pain and health problems. He believes that there is a need for a more nuanced approach to pain following trauma, and that in this context, whiplash is an obvious choice for improved understanding of the underlying mechanisms behind pain.


Senior Research Consultant, Clinical Associate Professor & DMSc Helge Kasch
Aarhus University, Department of Clinical Medicine
and Regional Hospital Viborg – Department of Neurology
Mobile: (+45) 4052 9837
Email: helge_kasch@clin.au.dk