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New doctor in immune system and viruses

Jesper Melchjorsen has been awarded a higher doctoral degree from Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital. His doctoral dissertation deals with research into the body's immune system and how it reacts to viruses and bacteria.

At the beginning of May, Jesper Melchjorsen defended his doctoral dissertation and was awarded the higher doctoral degree in medical science (DrMedSc). His doctoral thesis focused on how the human immune system reacts towards viruses, as well as the influence that medicines have on the immune system's response to bacterial and viral infections.

”My research has an influence on the way we understand the nature of infections and it can therefore help to provide knowledge so we can develop better medicines and new vaccines and adjuvants for vaccines. In addition, the research will contribute to developing so-called inhibitors of auto-immune diseases such as psoriasis and arthritis,” explains Jesper Melchjorsen.

Because Jesper Melchjorsen’s research has a broad impact, it is potentially of great value for everyone.

”The research is important for getting a general understanding of infections and it will be possible to broaden it out to large groups, so that many people can benefit from the research findings,” explains Jesper Melchjorsen.

The title of the doctoral defence is: Learning from the messenger: innate sensing of viruses and cytokine regulation of immunity – clues for treatments and vaccines.

Jesper Melchjorsen was born on 4 March 1976 in Hjørring, North Jutland.

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