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New director at ACTIVE institute

Gitte Graverholt will be heading ACTIVE institute as from September 2013. ACTIVE institute receives funding from Aarhus University’s projects in the area of knowledge exchange.

Gitte Graverholt has most recently worked in France. She will now head ACTIVE institute in Aarhus.
Gitte Graverholt has most recently worked in France. She will now head ACTIVE institute in Aarhus.

As the new director, she will take up her new duties with ACTIVE institute on 1 September 2013. 47-year-old Gitte Graverholt is to continue ACTIVE institute’s efforts to bridge the gap between research, the business community and society through innovation in the fields of sports, physical activity and health promotion.

"I look forward to continuing the development of the excellent initiative that I believe ACTIVE institute is. A stronger and more close-knit collaboration with Aarhus University is one of the preconditions for the introduction and use of research-based knowledge in partnerships involving the participation of the business community as well as public institutions and organisations to create innovation in the fields of sports, physical activity and health promotion. This applies both nationally and internationally," says Gitte Graverholt, who has previously served as a hydration science and communication group manager with Danone R&D in France.

She is looking forward to learning more about the projects and activities already underway at ACTIVE institute.

"I look forward to sharing thoughts and ideas with both employees and with ACTIVE institute's partners with a view to preparing and implementing a solid plan which will allow us to exploit our full potential," says Gitte Graverholt. 

Director with a broad background

With the appointment of the new director, ACTIVE institute has engaged a person who has a solid knowledge of the research community, its culture and working methods and who also has substantial experience from the business world. She therefore understands the values that matter in the business world.

“ACTIVE is a visible point of contact and the unit which can create connections and forge partnerships between the parties. With Gitte Graverholt on board, I find that ACTIVE institute is now well-prepared for this task,” says ACTIVE institute’s Chairman of the Board and Vice-Dean for Knowledge Exchange at Aarhus University, J. Michael Hasenkam.

He is pleased with the continued, close collaboration with Aarhus University.

“It is essential that the University is capable of contributing with research-based knowledge to this exciting interaction between researchers, companies, associations, authorities and other bodies. A number of promising projects have already been established, so we are not starting from scratch, not at all. Also, we have a number of highly motivated and skilled staff capable of getting things done”, says J. Michael Hasenkam.

ACTIVE institute is located at Aarhus University, Department of Public Health, Section for Sport Science with which unit they cooperate extensively.

Further information 

Professor and Vice-dean for Knowledge Exchange J. Michael Hasenkam
Aarhus University, Health
Direct tel.: 8715 2007
Mobile: 4091 3616


Director Gitte Graverholt
ACTIVE institute
Mobile: 2270 7480

About ACTIVE institute

ACTIVE institute was established in 2008 as a business association the purpose of which is to contribute to improving the population’s quality of life through innovation, knowledge exchange and research in the field of physical activity.

ACTIVE institute acts as matchmaker bringing together the business community, organizations and institutions with an interest and a business focus in the field. Aarhus University contributes financially to ACTIVE institute.

Read more on the ACTIVE institute website.