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New data reports will contribute to the development of AU’s degree programmes

New reports containing data about degree programmes and students will provide a better foundation for developing and improving AU’s degree programmes.

A key focus area in relation to AU’s institutional accreditation process is the systematic effort to develop the individual degree programmes.  So starting this spring, each degree programme will be subject to an annual status review and a more thorough evaluation every fifth year.

To ensure that the necessary data is available, a database is being launched that contains data at degree programme level, and it will be possible run reports on key indicators and figures. The database contains data on key indicators, key figures and corresponding threshold values, including data on first-year drop-out rates, post-graduate unemployment rates, average marks, pass rates, etc.

Previously, locating and analysing the most recent data about individual degree programmes could very time-consuming. The new database makes it easy to access the most up-to-date information. It will be possible to gain an overview of developments in key areas and to follow them over time. The reports also make it possible to compare data on a particular degree programme with other degree programmes at AU or with national key figures quickly and easily. As Pro-rector for Education Berit Eika explains:  

“It’s very important that we get off to a good start with the annual status reports and the degree programme evaluations that will be performed every five years. For this reason, I’m pleased that we now have a reliable tool that we can drawn on and that provides support for this important academic work.”

“The new database and the associated reports will make it possible for us to work more systematically with continually improving our degree programmes, based on the evidence derived from the data we now have an opportunity to access in one place,” explains Eika, who also praises AU Student Administration and Services for the division’s fine work on the database.

AU Student Administration and Services is currently cooperating with the studies administration offices at each faculty on rolling out the database and making data and reports on individual degree programmes available to the departments and centres.

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