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New clinical unit appoints professor

Peter Christensen has just been appointed professor at Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital. The professorship is affiliated with the Pelvic Floor Unit, a clinical unit that will take care of patients with pelvic floor issues.

Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital have appointed Peter Christensen as professor. In his new position Peter Christensen will be part of the Pelvic Floor Unit at Aarhus University Hospital, an interdisciplinary clinical unit that works to help patients with dysfunctions in the pelvic floor organs.

"Our vision is to develop a multi-methodical research centre across the standard specialist medical divisions," explains Peter Christensen, and emphasises that four departments must work together to secure a better treatment process for the patients at the centre.

How are the neighbouring organs functioning?

The Pelvic Floor Unit merges four specialist clinics from four different departments into a joint outpatient unit. The four specialist clinics are: The Anal Physiology Clinic, the Urogynaecology Clinic, the Urodynamic Clinic, and parts of the Centre for Childhood Incontinence.

"We will utilise the fact that we have the same interdisciplinary approach to our patients, and also that we use similar advanced technological equipment. The treatments are also often closely related and have an impact on how the 'neighbouring organs' function," says Peter Christensen.

Peter Christensen has conducted research into the diagnosis and treatment of functional intestinal diseases for a number of years and will naturally put his experience to good use in his new position.

"The research areas at the centre will be smart data collection, nerve modulation of functional intestinal and bladder problems, obstetric sphincter damage, neurogenic bowel dysfunktion, functional rehabilitation after cancer treatment and advanced biomechanical techniques," says the professor.

Further information

Professor Peter Christensen
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Aarhus University Hospital, Department of Surgery
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