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New checklist: How to avoid becoming a threat to information security

A new checklist makes it easier for all employees at the university to see what each of us must do in order to protect our data. Many security breaches occur due to errors and lack of knowledge among employees.

The checklist is a tool that you can use to ensure that the data you are working with is processed securely. The checklist covers the most important topics in AU's information security policy.

You can find the checklist here.

If you familiarise yourself with AU’s information security policy, you can help reduce the risk of AU being attacked by hackers or a computer virus.

It is important that we all protect our valuable data against virus, hacker attacks, espionage and other security threats. Information security requires that IT security is in place, but we need more than IT security to protect our data. We also need to focus on how we act when we work with data.

If you have any questions regarding information security or if you become aware of information security breaches at AU, please contact your local IT support team or the information security department. Contact information.