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New Article Accepted by JSCR

Mette Dideriksen, Cristina Soegaard and Rasmus O. Nielsen from RUNSAFE have their article "Validity of self-reported running distance" accepted by the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.


It is unclear whether there is a difference between subjective evaluation and objective Global Positioning Systems (GPS) measurement of running distance. The purpose of the present study was to investigate if such difference exists.
A total of 100 participants (51% males, median age 41.5, body mass 78.1 kilogram +/- 13.8 standard deviation) completed a run of free choice, then subjectively reported the distance in kilometer (km). This information was subsequently compared with the distance derived from a non-differential GPS watch using paired t-tests and Bland-Altman's 95% Limits of Agreement. No significant difference was found between the mean paired differences between subjective evaluations and GPS measurements (1.86%, 95% CI = -1.53%; 5.25%, p=0.96). The Bland-Altman 95% Limits of Agreement revealed considerable variation (lower limit = -32%, upper limit = 35%). Such variation exceeds the clinical error range of 10%.
In conclusion, the mean running distance (km) is similar between self-reporting and GPS measurement. However, researchers should consider using GPS measurements in favor of subjective reporting of running distance because of considerable variation on an individual level.

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