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Names of the members of the Committee for Diversity and Gender Equality

The faculties have decided who will be representing them in the university's new Committee for Diversity and Gender Equality.

Each faculty has appointed an academic staff representative and a head of department/school to sit on the committee:

From Arts:

  • Professor Dorthe Staunæs from Danish School of Education
  • Head of School Bjarke Paarup, School of Culture and Society  

From Aarhus BSS:

  • Associate Professor Natalie Munkholm, Department of Law
  • Head of Department Jacob K. Eskildsen, Department of Management

From Health:

  • Associate Professor Ebbe Bødtkjer, Department of Biomedicine
  • Head of Department Siri Beier Jensen, Department of Dentistry and Oral Health

From ST:

  • Professor Klaus Møller, Department of Physics and Astronomy
  • Head of Department Michelle H. Williams, Department of Food Science

Deputy Director Anne Behnk, AU HR, also sits on the committee. The decision to create this new university-wide committee for diversity and gender quality was made in the wake of the conference on gender balance earlier this year. All eleven members have been appointed, and the first meeting will take place on 1 July. 

One of the committee's first tasks will be to draft a new action plan for diversity will which replace the current plan as of 1 January 2020.