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More applicants for engineering degree programmes at Aarhus University

The number of applications to Aarhus University has increased this year, and more than 10,300 people have named Aarhus University as their first choice. Engineering degree programmes are among those experiencing an increase in popularity, according to preliminary application figures.

Aarhus University had received 10,331 first-choice applications by the quota 1 deadline on 5 July. This represents an increase of 5 per cent on 2017.

This success can be explained in part by an increased number of applicants to engineering degree programmes at Aarhus University – applications are up 7 per cent compared with 2017, which itself was a record year. Rector Brian Bech Nielsen is pleased with how things are developing.

“It is good to see that so many young people have chosen engineering degree programmes. This is entirely consistent with the initiative implemented by Aarhus University in order to meet requirements in this field. Moreover, I am noting the broad interest in our degree programmes as many different skills are needed in order to enhance our society and create cohesion,” says Brian Bech Nielsen.

Other degree programmes that have pushed up applicant numbers at Aarhus University include traditionally popular programmes such as medicine, psychology, biology and anthropology.

Pro-rector Berit Eika is happy to see the enormous interest in the university.

“We should be very pleased that so many people have put Aarhus University at the top of their lists. This indicates that we will be admitting lots of motivated students, and that is actually one of the most important things to bear in mind when starting work on a degree programme,” says Berit Eika.

Preliminary figures show how applications are distributed over the various fields of study.


Faculty of Science and Technology

Degree programmes at the Faculty of Science and Technology have seen a 4 per cent increase in total numbers of applicants listing Aarhus University as their first choice. Engineering degree programmes in particular are seeing growth, including the Bachelor of Engineering programmes in chemistry and electrical energy technology. Biology is another of the programmes enjoying growth.


Aarhus BSS

Overall growth in first-choice applications at Aarhus BSS stands at 4.9 per cent. Degree programmes in business administration and commercial law, the BSc in economics and business administration (law), marketing and management communication and psychology are all becoming more popular.


Faculty of Arts

The total number of applications to humanities programmes stands at about the same level as last year, with a small increase of 2 per cent in first-choice applications. Anthropology, education science, history and art history in particular are all experiencing growth. Among language courses, international business communication in English is also seeing an upward trend, whilst other major European languages are in decline.


Faculty of Health

As far as health sciences degree programmes are concerned, the university is seeing a 12 per cent overall increase in first-choice applications to Bachelor’s degree programmes. Odontology, dentistry, public health science, sports and medicine are all experiencing growth.

Addition: Monday, 9 July: See the final application figures for Aarhus University 

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