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Million-kroner grant secures new advanced biomolecular equipment

Johan Palmfeldt has received DKK 7.7 million from the John & Birthe Meyer Foundation. The grant money has been invested in a new piece of equipment – an advanced mass spectrometer – which can analyse biological functions at cellular level to see the role they play in diseases such as heart failure, diabetes and hereditary brain disorders.

For a number of years, Johan Palmfeldt and his colleagues have conducted research in the field of proteomics, which is the study of the total amount of protein in a cell, a type of tissue or the blood. With the grant, they have the opportunity to purchase a new piece of equipment that makes it possible to quantify thousands of proteins and characterise individual proteins in more detail.

Their research could make it possible to discover new disease markers that can be used to diagnose e.g. lack of oxygen and brain damage in new born babies, heart failure and various metabolic diseases such as diabetes and hereditary brain disorder – and to do this at an early stage.

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Associate Professor Johan Palmfeldt
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