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Medical doctor from AU receives the Medicines for People award

Medical doctor and researcher Christian Wejse from Aarhus University has been honoured by Universities for Essential Medicines, which is a global association of medical students.

Christian Wejse has just received a prize of honour for his research into global health and refugee and migrant health, where he works to ensure better treatment for patients with infectious diseases in low-income countries.

He sees the award as a recognition of his work and hopes that it can create awareness of the research field and increase focus on people in low-income countries who do not have access to essential medicines.

Further information

Specialty Registrar, PhD Christian Wejse
Aarhus University, Department of Public Health – Section for Health Promotion and Health Services
Direct tel.: (+45) 8716 8551
Mobile: (+45) 2012 4958
Email: wejse@ph.au.dk