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MatchPoints 2014 – Trust

Do you trust enough? Or too much?

Aarhus University once again invites students and employees to attend the MatchPoints Seminar. The seminar takes place from Thurday May 22 to Saturday May 24, and offers a special fee for AU employees, as well as a very low one for students.

This year’s MatchPoints Seminar is about Trust. Trust between people, systems, and even robots. Trust, distrust and corruption; trust and management; trust and democracy; trust and Shakespeare and much more. The world-renowned Professor Robert Putnam (Harvard University) will do several of his lively and engaging presentations, on inequality in the US and democracy and social mobility.

Registration is open until 9 May 2014

Read more, and register here 

Of special interest to ST and Health could be:

  • Birgitte Kofod Olsen (CSR Director, Tryg) on  managing sensitive personal data
  • Trust in health care: ”My doctor does not take me seriously”
  • Trust me, I am Robot! Conceptualizing interpersonal trust in the interaction between human patients and medical technology
  • Social Capital and Health Inequality in the Scandinavian Welfare State