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Major grant for research into colorectal cancer

Professor Søren Laurberg from Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital has received three million Danish kroner from the Danish Cancer Society for research into the side effects that follow colorectal cancer.

The Danish Cancer Society has given three million Danish kroner towards a new research project which will investigate the course of treatment after surgery for colorectal cancer. Professor Søren Laurberg will head the project.

"The study comprises all the patients in the Central Denmark Region and Northern Jutland, corresponding to an area containing a third of Denmark’s total population. The study comprises all of the patients in an individual control process. The aim is to investigate whether it is possible for us to clarify whether the tumour has returned again at an earlier stage and, at the same time, uncover some of the long-term side effects that can occur after the operation. We will also investigate whether earlier treatment of these is better," says Søren Laurberg.

Currently, around half of the patients who undergo surgery for colorectal cancer come to suffer from long-term side effects, such as problems relating to faeces, urination, sex life etc. The coming project will monitor patients in a standardised programme at the surgical departments in Aalborg, Aarhus, Randers and Herning.

"The grant from the Danish Cancer Society is a prerequisite for us carrying out the project. We hope that it can improve the course of treatment for future patients with colorectal cancer," says Søren Laurberg.

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