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Lisbeth Uhrenfeldt new Associate Professor in Horsens

Registered nurse, senior researcher and PhD Lisbeth Uhrenfeldt has started work as associate professor in a joint position created by Aarhus University, the Regional Hospital Horsens and the Central Denmark Region.

Lisbeth Uhrenfeldt has been employed as senior researcher and assistant professor at the Regional Hospital Horsens since 2009. Lisbeth Uhrenfeldt has played a central role in the development of the hospital research unit and in the excellent research profile that the Regional Hospital Horsens enjoys today.

Lisbeth Uhrenfeldt’s researches into, teaches and provides supervision in the transitions that patients and their relatives experience through their contact with the healthcare system.

The goal is to promote healthcare services so that patients can attain better health. This also includes the significance of the healthcare-related management of transitions with particular focus on the management of nursing professionals. Lisbeth Uhrenfeldt is the author of a textbook on the subject.

In her previous research Lisbeth Uhrenfeldt has identified how patients experience transitions. This includes e.g. patients being moved over long distances, finding themselves in special life situations, as well as when patients are moved between the hospital departments.

The research showed that if transitions take place without special attention being paid to the importance that transitions have for the patient, then the patient can come to feel that they are unimportant and part of an environment that can become frightening and unpredictable. This may give rise to nightmares and other stress conditions that can also continue beyond the hospitalisation.

In the new employment, Lisbeth Uhrenfeldt will be part of the research community at Aarhus University, Department of Public Health, Institute of Science in Nursing. Here Lisbeth Uhrenfeldt is a member of the teaching staff for the Master’s degree programme in Nursing and the Professional Master’s degree programme in Clinical Nursing, as well as for postgraduate courses.

Lisbeth Uhrenfeldt is at the same time one of the four associate professors in the Research Unit at the Regional Hospital Horsens.

Lisbeth Uhrenfeldt is the co-founder of two international societies: The European Academy of Caring Science (EACS) and Patient and relatives experiences of transition in transfer (PRANSIT). She is also a member of the European Academy of Nursing Science.

Further information

Associate Professor, PhD Lisbeth Uhrenfeldt
Aarhus University, Department of Public Health – Institute of Science in Nursing and
Regional Hospital Horsens, The Research Unit
Direct tel: +45 7842 6101