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Light rail transit project: Construction work near Nobel Park likely to cause noise and disrupt traffic

The work to construct the Aarhus Light Rail system has moved into a new phase, which involves laying tracks through some of the biggest junctions in the city. As a part of this work tracks will be established at the Nordre Ringgade – Randersvej/Nørrebrogade intersection over a period of a month starting on 8 July.

The work to lay tracks at the major crossroads by Nobel Park is set to commence on Friday, 8 July with the installation of traffic signs. The junction itself will be dug up over the weekend, and on Monday, 11 July, the work will continue with pouring concrete and laying the rails themselves. Finally, the junction will be re-asphalted so that the new tracks lie flush with the road surface. It is expected that the construction work will take a month to complete. 

Traffic using the junction will be affected

In order to allow motorists to continue to cross Randersvej/Nørrebrogade, the work will be carried out in two phases, each lasting approximately two weeks. Phase one will see the closure of two left-hand turn options in the Ringgade intersection: the turn from Nordre Ringgade onto Randersvej, and the turn from Nørrebrogade onto Nordre Ringgade. Nor will it be possible to turn right from Nordre Ringgade onto Randersvej.

The situation in phase two will be similar, although at that time it will be possible to turn right from Nordre Ringgade onto Randersvej once more. Traffic signs will be set up at the location and the detour routes will be clearly marked with yellow signs throughout the period.

Once the construction work has been completed, motorists will again be able to use the Ringgade junction as usual.

Work around the clock may cause noise

The City of Aarhus has granted Aarhus Light Rail exemption to work 24/7 to ensure the assignment can be completed as quickly as possible. This may lead to noise and disruption, both day and night.

Construction work for the rest of the year.


The work to construct the Aarhus Light Rail Network will continue for the remainder of the year. Once all the tracks have been laid, the emphasis will shift to establishing the power supply. This phase is scheduled to start in autumn. It is expected that the entire light rail network in central Aarhus – comprising masts, power supply and signal system – will have been completed around the turn of the year, after which it will be tested progressively up to the official opening in May 2017.