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Launching the Garmin-RUNSAFE Running Health Study

RUNSAFE proudly presents our coming flagship the Garmin-RUNSAFE Running Health Study, which is the most ambitious and comprehensive project on running-related injuries we have done so far.

The purpose of the worldwide study is to explore why running injuries occur using data from runners around the world, who will be followed to December 31st 2020. “For decades, researchers have sought a deeper understanding of why running injury occurs. However, the lack of Big Data has been a limiting factor as one or few risk factors have been explored in isolation”, Rasmus Østergaard Nielsen, the leading RUNSAFE researcher explains. “Injury occurrence is multifactorial, and the collaboration with Garmin enables us to gather large-scale data that allows us to perform in-depth and sophisticated analyses using novel causal theories and statistical approaches. It will provide us with a unique insight, and ultimately, we hope that the collaboration paves the way for better prevention of running-related injuries – benefitting runners all over the world”.   

To reach the desired amount of data, RUNSAFE needs to include many runners. All runners aged 18 or above are welcome to register for the study. As RUNSAFE are interested in all types of runners, everyone regardless of running ability and experience are encouraged to register for the study.  The only requirement is that you own a Garmin watch and that you are the only user of your Garmin watch and Garmin Connect account.

If you are interested, please read more and sign up at HERE