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It’s time for this year’s staff development dialogues

During September, October and November of 2018, all employees will meet with their managers for the staff development dialogues (SDD) at Aarhus University.

The staff development dialogue (SDD) is an annual development dialogue which gives you an opportunity to discuss mutual expectations concerning results, work performance, goals and any competency development needs with your immediate superior. Competency development covers all activities which develop and keep the individual employee’s qualifications and skills up to date in relation to current and future work challenges.

Read more about competency development at the university in AU’s ‘Framework and principles for competency development’.

Additional information

AU’s SDD packet contains dialogue guides and guidelines for all groups of employees and is available in Danish and English. Read more at au.dk/mus.

Facts about the SDD and competency development at AU

  • At public sector workplaces, the SDD is a mandatory, annual development dialogue between employee and manager.
  • The purpose of the SDD is to give managers and employees an opportunity to talk about future goals, tasks, results, well-being – and not least competency development.
  • The SDD is a dialogue about the employee’s personal and professional development as well as a strategic management tool which helps to ensure that the employee has the competencies needed in order to contribute to achieving workplace goals and to live up to future workplace requirements.