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IT systems have been reopened and exams can proceed as scheduled

On Monday, AU was forced to shut down web access to a number of its IT systems in response to a serious security threat. These systems have now been reopened after an exhaustive security check, and all exams can proceed as scheduled.

Photo: Photo: Lars Kruse

STADS, MitStudie, Digital Exams, WISEflow and several other IT systems at Aarhus University are open again. Web access to these systems was shut down on Monday 13 December due to a serious security threat. These systems were shut down to prevent cybercriminals from taking advantage of a software vulnerability to hack the university’s systems.

AU IT has now completed a thorough security check, and no security breaches were detected. This means that all systems are now open again.

Unfortunately, several written exams had to be cancelled at the last moment on Tuesday 14 December due to the shutdown. These exams will be rescheduled, and the affected students and lecturers will be notified of the new dates by email. All other exams will proceed as scheduled.

No security breach

During the shutdown, AU IT performed a thorough security check in collaboration with external parties. All of the university’s systems were scanned to identify the installations affected by a vulnerability in Apache Log4j software.

AU IT stresses that this unscheduled shutdown of systems was absolutely necessary to avert a potentially serious cyberthreat.