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Is your computer ready for 2018?

Seven hundred employees have already received a personal email about the update from Health's Head of IT Services. But not all employees with outdated computers can be identified. So perhaps your computer still needs updating? Computers that have not been updated by 31 December 2017 will be deactivated at the turn of the year.

Many of Health's employees have already had their computers updated. But the faculty's local IT support reports that we are not quite there yet. In fact, a further five hundred computers have still not received the important update. So, if you can answer yes to one or more of the following statements, you should contact IT Support as soon as possible. 

1. Your computer is a Windows 7 computer.
2. Your username when you open the computer has four letters.
3. You use a Mac computer which is more than six months old (and you have not had it changed within the same six months). 

If you are in doubt about whether you are one of the employees who should visit HE IT Support with your computer, then you are welcome to contact the support team on tel.: 8715 0922 or by email at: health.it@au.dk. You can also drop by the Aarhus School of Dentistry in the Bartholin Building or in Skejby. You can find the relevant addresses and opening hours on HE IT Support's website.

How long does the update take?

You should expect the actual installation of the update to take at least four hours. One option is to make an appointment with your IT support team to deliver your computer in the afternoon by 15:00 and collect it again the next morning.

When you bring your computer in to have it updated, HE IT Support will assess your computer’s condition to make sure that it can handle the software update. If it is not possible to update the computer, it will need to be replaced by a new (or newer) model. As a rule, computers that are more than four years old cannot handle the software update and need to be replaced. 

Special information on research equipment

HE IT Support handles research equipment separately. If you have research equipment that needs to be updated, you should contact IT Support so that you can find a solution for updating this equipment together.

Why is the update necessary?

All AU employee computers (Mac or PC and Unix/Linux) must be updated before the end of the year. This is being carried out so the university can offer a modern workplace, and also to upgrade the IT security level – both for the individual and for the entire university. 

In addition, all computers must be registered in AU IT’s domain controller and integrated into the university-wide AU domain, uni.au.dk. Once your computer has been registered and integrated into the AU domain by AU IT, you will automatically be notified whenever the operating system and standard applications need to be updated.