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Is your colleague a captivating research communicator?

Now is your chance to nominate a colleague for the Research Communication Prize 2017. The prize is awarded by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science.

Last year's winner og the prize, Lars Østergaard. Photo: AU Photo.
Last year's winner og the prize, Lars Østergaard. Photo: AU Photo.

If you work together with an excellent communicator, now is the time to nominate him or her for the Research Communication Award 2017. 

The prize will be awarded in connection with the opening of The Festival of Research in April 2017. The prize is accompanied by a DKK 100,000 cash award.

The ministry states that the prize is intended to honour researchers who make a special effort to communicate their research to the broader public. The prize thus intends to create awareness and recognition of good scientific communication, preferably presented through new communication channels and forms. The prize should also contribute towards creating a debate about research and its importance for society and everyday life.        
The winner can be a recognised researcher, or a group of recognised researchers. Last year, the prize went to Lars Østergaard, professor and head consultant at Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital. He was awarded the prize for his ability to communicate his research into infectious diseases such as meningitis and HIV to the general public in a vivid and relevant manner.

Everyone can freely nominate candidates, but the nomination can only take place with the candidate's acceptance.

The deadline for nominations is 12 noon on 1 November 2016.   


Find out more about the research communication prize on the ministry's website (in Danish).