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Irene Dige honoured for her research into bacteria’s identity

Associate Professor Irene Dige from Department of Dentistry and Oral Health receives the Zendium Researcher Award 2020 for her long-standing research into dental plaque.

Irene Dige maps the structure and architecture of plaque bacteria, and her research has the potential to provide answers to the question of why some people get tooth cavities while others do not, even though their dental hygiene is the same.

As one of the first researchers in the world, Irene Dige has explored the identity and spatial distribution of bacteria during the formation of biofilm on natural dental surfaces and caries lesions. Her scientific studies also contribute to a better understanding of the organics of dental plaque in relation to health and disease.

She therefore receives the Zendium Research Award – an award which is given annually to researchers who have achieved a special breakthrough in their research to improve dental health. The prize winner also receives DKK 50,000. 


Associate Professor, Director of Studies & Dentist Irene Dige
Aarhus University, Department of Dentistry and Oral Health
Mobile: (+45) 2126 1146
Email: idige@dent.au.dk

This coverage is based on press material from Zendium.