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Increase in applications to IT and engineering degree programmes

Quota 2 applications to IT and engineering degree programmes at Aarhus University have increased significantly, while there has been a slight fall in applications to the university’s degree programmes as a whole compared to 2018, according to the Quota 2 application tally for 2019.

Aarhus University has received 14,306 Quota 2 applications – and 5,340 applicant have indicated Aarhus University as their first priority. This represents a 3-per cent fall – which is line with developments for the country as a whole.

“Applications to Aarhus University are still at a high level, and we welcome the many applications. We are particularly pleased that a very large proportion of applicants put Aarhus University at the top of their list again this year. This indicates that there are a lot of motivated applicants who are interested in starting a degree programme here at the university,” Pro-rector Berit Eika says.

A breakdown of the figures reveals a significant increase in applications to IT and engineering programmes at Aarhus University. The engineering degree programmes have received 1633 applications, an increase of 37 percent. The IT degree programmes have received 671 applications, an increase of 88 percent. And first-priority applications increased by 14 and 47 percent respectively.

“It’s very positive that we are seeing an increasing interest in our IT and engineering degree programmes again this year. There is great demand on the part of the labour market and society, and so I’m very pleased that the initiatives Aarhus University has launched to educate more engineers and IT specialists appear to be working,” the pro-rector says.

This year Aarhus University is offering three new Master of Science in Engineering degree programmes, two new Bachelor of Engineering programmes in Herning and a new data science degree programme, in addition to introducing new admission requirements for all natural sciences and technical degree programmes.

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First-priority applications to other degree programmes at Aarhus University have also increased, for example in the humanities, which is in part due to an increase in applications to the international business communication degree programmes. Application to the health sciences degree programmes remain stable, while applications to Aarhus BSS have decreased, a trend which is primarily due to the closure of a degree programme taught in English, as the consequence of the rightsizing of international degree programmes.

The final tally of the Quota 2 applications will be available next week.

The total number of applications to degree programmes at Aarhus University will be announced in July after the noon of 5 July deadline for Quota 1 applications.

Key figures for quota 2 applications from the preliminary tally for Aarhus University:

  • 14,306 Quota 2 applications – a decrease of 2 percent over 2018
  • 5,340 applicants have indicated Aarhus University as their first priority – a decrease of 3 percent over 2018, but still more than in 2017.
  • In Denmark as a whole, there were 51,622 Quota 2 applications to advanced degree programmes – a decrease of 3 percent over 2018.
  • The majority of the degree programmes at Aarhus University accept 10 per cent of their students through Quota 2.