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Human First partnership ready with initiatives in two areas

Two programme groups under the Human First partnership have submitted white papers with proposals for specific initiatives that will be further developed over the coming years.

In the next few years, a number of specific initiatives aimed at improving the two areas “People with rehabilitation needs" and "Diseases and brain injuries" will be set in motion.

The initiatives stem from the recommendations made by two programme groups under the Human First partnership – which is a collaboration between VIA University College, Aarhus University and the Central Denmark Region that aims to strengthen the three parties collaboration on research, education and practice for the benefit of the general population.

Proposals from professionals in the field

The programme groups have been formed with representatives from VIA University College, Aarhus University, the Central Denmark Region, the municipalities and the Central Denmark Region’s patient involvement committee.

“A focal point for both groups has been how to increase collaboration across the organisations and how to get the knowledge which already exists shared and implemented in day-to-day practice – also all the way out in the outermost parts of our organisations. One of the ideas is to train a team of ambassadors and then give them the task of spreading both existing and new knowledge,” says Aase Lydiksen, director at VIA University College.

“The programme groups have delivered a number of very specific initiatives which will now be tested in practice. I think that the work of the first programme groups indicates that there will be a lot of synergies in developing initiatives across the organisations,” says Head of Corporate Management Ole Thomsen from the Central Denmark Region.

The initiatives in brief

In the “People with rehabilitation needs” area, joint research projects have been started which focus on cardiac rehabilitation, while in the area of "Diseases and brain injuries", one topic that is being focused on is tiredness and sleep, which are common challenges for people with brain diseases or brain injuries.

Lars Bo Nielsen, dean of Health at Aarhus University, has high hopes for the cross organisational collaboration. He believes it could lead to important new research and intelligent educational initiatives in areas such as e.g. cardiac rehabilitation and sleep research.

“With their collaboration, the expert groups have singled out a range of cross-disciplinary research and education projects in their white papers with potential international impact and also possible ways of realising them,” says Dean Lars Bo Nielsen.

Human First is planning an event at which the partnerships will present their ambitions and plans in connection with the kick-off event on 2 May 2019.

Read more about the partnership and the white papers submitted by the programme groups (Danish)