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How to appoint a dean

Health needs a new dean. The senior management team has begun the appointment procedure, which will involve representatives from the faculty's employees and the management team.

As soon as Allan Flyvbjerg’s announced that he had found a new job, Rector Brian Bech Nielsen began the process of finding his successor – because appointing a dean takes time.

Appointing a new dean is a comprehensive and time-consuming process. There are not many applicants for this type of position, and sometimes a recruitment agency needs to be involved in the process.

Influence on the job advertisement and selection of candidates for interview

In connection with the appointment of the new dean, an advisory group is appointed to assist the actual appointment committee. The group consists of six members from Health's academic council, recommended by the council itself:

  • Professor Peter Svensson from The Department of Dentistry and Oral Health
  • Professor Charlotte Delmar from The Department of Public Health
  • Professor Jens Peter Andersen from The Department of Biomedicine
  • Professor, Department Chair Peter Hokland from the Department of Clinical Medicine
  • Centre Administrator Tina Marie Bach Aaen from The Centre for Music in the Brain
  • Student Nichlas Riise Jespersen

The six members can influence the content of the job advertisement, and also provide advice to the appointment committee in connection with the selection of candidates for interview.

The appointment committee is being appointed

The first five members of the appointment committee have already been found:

  • Rector Brian Bech Nielsen
  • Pro-rector Berit Eika
  • University Director Arnold Boon
  • Administrative Centre Manager Steen Harrit Jakobsen
  • Deputy Director of HR Anne Lindholm Behnk (secretary for the appointment committee)

The remaining places on the appointment committee will be given to one or more vice-deans and/or department heads. However, they will first be appointed once the applicants for the position are known. This is to avoid a situation in which an applicant could themselves be part of the appointment committee.

Schedule for the recruitment process - important dates



October 2016



The job advertisement is published on the university's website. It is also published in the two Danish newspapers Jyllands Posten and Politiken, the Journal of the Danish Medical Association, and in the relevant Nordic print media

20 November 2016


Application deadline

21 November 2016


The remaining members of the appointment committee are appointed

28 November 2016


The appointment committee and the advisory committee advise the rector on their recommendations for interview candidates

5 December 2016


First round of interviews

8 December 2016


Management assessment of candidates (by an external consultant company)

14 December 2016


Second round of interviews

19 December 2016


Contract negotiations begin

1 February 2017

The new dean at Health takes up his or her position


The schedule is tentative and can be adjusted as required.

As of 1 October 2016, Vice-dean for Research at Health, Ole Steen Nielsen, has taken up the position of acting dean. He will continue in the position until a new dean is found. Ole Steen Nielsen has stated that he does not wish to be considered for the position of dean when it is advertised.