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Honorary Skou professors are coming to Health

Forty-three top researchers from international elite universities have agreed to become Honorary Skou Professors. Each of them will help to bring a part of the world of international research to Health.

In October, twelve women and thirty-one men will be inaugurated as Honorary Skou Professors at Health and will in this way contribute to the faculty’s goal of becoming a more internationally-orientated research institution. The more than forty top researchers come from leading international universities including prominent universities such as Stanford, Oxford, Yale and the Karolinska Institute. A total of twelve different countries and 36 universities are represented. The Honorary Skou Professors will actively participate at the departments as e.g. co-supervisors on PhD projects, guest lecturers and co-applicants on funding applications.

Each Skou professor has been assigned a “champion”. This person is a colleague from within the same academic field who is responsible for ensuring that the Skou professor is properly received at the faculty and that all the practical aspects of his or her visit are taken care of. The champion is also, however, tasked with the even more important task of ensuring that the Skou professor becomes part of the relevant academic network and is introduced to the right researchers at Health. It is these relationships between researchers working across national borders and universities that will strengthen Health's overall research environment.  

For the majority of the Skou professors, their first meeting with Health in their new role will take place at the official inauguration of the Honorary Skou Professors on 8 October 2019 – which is incidentally also the day on which Nobel Prize winner Jens Christian Skou would have turned 101.

The list of honorary professors may grow as names can be added until October. 

See the list of Honorary Skou Professors and their champions.

Listen to Dean Lars Bo Nielsen explain the purpose of having Skou professors at Health.

Vice-dean for Talent Development Lise Wogensen Bach
Email: lwb@au.dk
Mobile: (+45) 2548 8522