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Here you go: Health PowerPoint template free to use

General information and facts about Health are now compiled in a new PowerPoint presentation which all employees have access to.

Now you no longer need to spend time trawling the website for pictures, logo and facts the next time you have to create a PowerPoint presentation for official business. Instead, you can download Health's new PowerPoint presentation with general information and updated facts about the faculty. 

The presentation can be used in its entirety, or you can make it more focused by taking relevant slides and mixing them with your own slides and messages.

The content will be updated once a year when AU publishes new facts and data.

You can find the presentation via Templafy (which contains AU's templates for the Microsoft Office package) here: https://auoffice.templafy.com/slides/health-faculty-of-health

Please note: You must be logged into Templafy to access the presentation. Find more information here: http://medarbejdere.au.dk/administration/kommunikation/omdesignet/design/office-skabeloner/

The presentation is also available in a PDF version on the external website as a replacement for the profile brochure: http://health.au.dk/om-health/