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Health to get a new vice-dean for education

For the last four years or so, Charlotte Ringsted has been Health’s vice-dean for education. While she will remain as vice-dean until the end of the year, a new vice-dean will take over the position in 2020.

Charlotte Ringsted's employment contract expires at the end of the year, and she has just informed the dean that she does not wish to apply for an extension.

“I’m lucky enough be of an age where I’m able to retire relatively early compared to younger age groups. I’m going to take this opportunity, and I’ve therefore chosen not to apply for an extension of my contract,” says the vice-dean before continuing: 

“I have been and still am very happy to be vice-dean for education at Health – not least because of the many good colleagues that I work with from all around the faculty. And even though I’ve made my decision, people here can still expect to see me working flat out until I stop work on 31 December 2019.”

Read more about Charlotte Ringsted in the article New Vice-dean for Education at Aarhus University, Health. On Health's staff page, you can read about the vice-dean for education’s areas of responsibility (Danish only).