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Health lands a PhD degree partnership agreement

A contract for a PhD degree partnership between Health and the Austrian university, Medical University of Graz, has just been signed. The agreement provides PhD students with a diploma from both institutions if they have had a research stay of at least one year at either the university in Graz or Aarhus.

The PhD programme at Health has entered into an agreement for a PHD partnership with the Medical University of Graz. This is the first time that Health has secured its own framework agreement – previously, the faculty has been part of AU partnerships, or it has entered into individual agreements for PhD partnerships.

"The students carry out their project at both universities, and on the basis of a joint assessment process, they also receive a PhD diploma from the partner university. They receive two diplomas and through this also formal recognition of their double association and international experience," explains Vice-dean for Talent Development at Health, Lise Wogensen Bach, who is responsible for the partnership.

Potential for research collaboration

The structure of the PhD degree programme in Austria is very similar to the Danish PhD degree programme. This was also one of the reasons why Health jumped at the chance when the Austrian university came forward as a possible partner.

"We also see potential for increased research collaboration. The PhD degree partnership must be anchored in an academic environment in order to create the desired effects," says Lise Wogensen Bach.

The PhD degree programme in Graz is a three-year programme which is organised in three PhD programmes: molecular medicine, metabolic and cardiovascular diseases, and inflammation.

The partnership arises from an existing collaboration via ORPHEUS (Organisation of PhD Education in Biomedicine and Health Sciences in the European System) and an agreement on student exchange on the basis of Health's international semester at medicine.

"The hope is that this cooperation can also inspire students who have the courage to go abroad to study, and at the same time, help to emphasise how important international experience and network is," says Lise Wogensen Bach.

To get an insight into the PhD research and recruitment process at the Medical University of Graz, the graduate school has been invited to participate in the PhD Day at the Austrian university. The Danish delegation will be in Graz between 14-15 December 2016.


The Medical University of Graz

Med Uni Graz was established in 2004 and has a past history as medical faculty at the University of Graz since 1863. The research at Med Uni Graz covers clinical and pre-clinical research. There are approx. 1,700 employees and 4,500 students. The clinical departments are located at the 1,500 bed LKH University Hospital Graz. By comparison, Health has approx. 1,500 employees and 4,400 students, while Aarhus University Hospital has 1,200 beds.

For more information, please contact:

Lise Wogensen Bach
The Dean’s Office, Health
Tel.: (+45) 8715 2012