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Health has announced next year's strategic goals

Better grant proposals, opening the study programmes towards the medical industry and a programme for young research talents. The faculty management team has decided on three new ‘must-win-battles’, which must be realised next year.

As part of the ongoing strategy follow-up process, the faculty management team has now identified next year’s special focus areas for Health. The three core areas of research, education and talent development each contribute a specific target – what is known as a ‘must-win battle', which must be met by the end of 2017.

The three specific initiatives for Health to succeed with in 2017 are:


  • Research: We must professionalise the application process and increase the quality of applications so we can attract more external research funding
  • Education: We must orientate the health science degree programmes towards the medical industry 
  • Talent development: We must establish a programme for the development of young research talents

Content descriptions and schedules and action plans for the three strategic goals will now be drawn-up as part of the follow-up process following the faculty management team’s decision. These are expected to be ready for discussion by the faculty management team in mid-January 2017.

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