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Health gets its first subject specific advisory board

A cardiovascular research campus is the first step in a focused effort towards strong research-related positions at Health. A council led by three professors from across the departments will advise the faculty management team on strategic and professional developments within the field.

At present, it is a pilot project. A professional and strategic advisory board headed by the three professors Hans Erik Bøtker, Bo Christensen and Christian Aalkjær has been given the task of bringing together and strengthening research efforts within the cardiovascular field.

The goal is to maintain and improve AU’s leading position and to attract significant grants and strong research talents to the field – also in the future.

The means begin with the preparation of a white paper describing developments within the field and an action plan with specific proposals for initiatives. Later on the council will assist in implementing the initiatives across the faculty.

Watch the three chairmen talk about the results they hope to see:

The faculty management has chosen the cardiovascular area as a pilot project, primarily because it is a research area that relates to both a large patient group and a major challenge facing society, but also because it is already a strong research area for Health. An additional reason is that it has already been designated a strategic focus area at Aarhus University Hospital.

The cardiovascular research campus, which is the preliminary working title of the collaboration, is led by an advisory board – which is a professional strategic council – comprised of a number of council members whose expertise, research results and/or managerial status qualify them to advise the dean and the faculty management team within the field.

The members of the board are:


Ebbe Bødtkjer, Department of Biomedicine
Ulf Simonsen, Department of Biomedicine
Mette Nyegaard, Department of Biomedicine
Claus Oxvig, Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics
Simon Glerup, Department of Biomedicine
Henrik K. Jensen, Department of Clinical Medicine
Jacob Bentzon, Department of Clinical Medicine
Vibeke Hjortdal, Department of Clinical Medicine
Toke Bek, Department of Clinical Medicine
Dorte Villemoes , Department of Clinical Medicine
Simon Vistisen, Department of Clinical Medicine
Michael Pedersen, Department of Clinical Medicine
Jesper Bech, Department of Clinical Medicine
Bo Løfgren, Department of Clinical Medicine
Morten Bøtker, Department of Clinical Medicine
Henrik Toft Sørensen, Department of Clinical Medicine
Jens Cosedis Nielsen, Department of Clinical Medicine
Henrik Wiggers, Department of Clinical Medicine
Anne Kaltoft, Department of Clinical Medicine
Martin B. Mortensen, Department of Clinical Medicine
Helle Terkildsen Maindal, Department of Public Health
Flemming Bro, Department of Public Health
Christina Dahm, Department of Public Health
Torben Sigsgaard, Department of Public Health

At the kick-off meeting on 17 October, the chairmen of the board announced that the council is open for additional interested participants. However, they must be ready for some homework.

Before the summer holidays, the white paper will be presented to the faculty management team, who will then decide on the coming process.

If the white paper and the initiatives it contains are found to meet their objectives, then the concept will be expanded with a view to identifying other strong academic and professional positions at Health.