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Health debated health data at Denmark's Political Festival

Watch and listen to Dean Lars Bo Nielsen talk about Health's debate on health data at Denmark's Political Festival on Bornholm.

Lars Bo Nielsen hosted Health's panel debate at Denmark's Political Festival. The focal point of the debate was access to health data, which is receiving special attention right now from universities and politicians (Only in Danish).

Next year, the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPD) will come into force. The regulation can lead to a situation where researchers face more difficult access to valuable health registers. This may be the outcome if consideration of the individual citizen's right to their own data must be complied with.

The dean was very satisfied with the exchange of ideas that took place during the debate. The university plays an important role in relation to educating academically skilled researchers who have an ethical and moral approach to dealing with personal data. That this is what must help to maintain the level of trust between researchers and society was one of the points that Lars Bo Nielsen took with him from the debate. 

The panel comprised: Anne Kaltoft, chair of the Danish Heart Foundation; Henrik Ullum, chair of the Organisation of Danish Medical Societies; Thomas Ploug, member of The Danish Council on Ethics; and Henrik Toft Sørensen, professor, department chair (at the Department of Clinical Medicine) and chair of the coordinating body for register-based research.