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Head of School: Congratulations and be happy!

The Lake Lecture Theatre was buzzing with life, music and proud graduates on Monday 29 June when the School for Dental Assistants, Hygienists and Clinical Technicians (SKT) held a graduation ceremony for graduates and their families.

Acting Head of School Caroline Hørsted welcomed the audience before turning her attention to the 140 graduates: "You are now the one’s who bear the values of our subject. We are proud of you here at SKT. Go out to your future work with professional pride and integrity and came back to us when you want more education and training."

The names of the graduates were individually read out and each one was presented with their diploma. With the diploma follows a working life where more and more traditional dentist tasks are being given over to dental surgery assistants, clinical dental technicians and dental hygienists.

It was easy to see how happy the graduates were as many of them directed proud smiles towards the audience.

A total of 70 dental surgery assistants, 12 clinical dental technicians and 58 dental hygienists graduated. All of them received warm applause for their efforts during their studies.

Acting Head of School Caroline Hørsted ended her graduation speech with the words: Congratulations and be happy! The sentence was followed by musician Pharrell William’s music video for Happy, but now with happy and dancing teachers and students added to the video, which resulted in more laughter among the audience.

The many graduates stood in a long line and received applause from the audience.

The Zendium Award of DKK 2,000 was presented to one graduate from each of the study programmes. The recipients were (from left to right): Clinical Dental Hygienist Charlotte Pietsch, Dental Hygienists Sidsel Krogsgaard Andersen and Rikke Bøgh Ulriksen and Dental Surgery Assistant Louise Christine Jensen.

The Colgate Award of DKK 2,500 was presented to one graduate from each study programme for having the highest examination average. The recipients were (from left to right): Clinical Dental Technician Maja Maria Hassan Hommoud, Dental Surgery Assistant Maria Henriksen and Dental Hygienist Henriette Haisler.