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HE support improves problem solving

IT support at Health is introducing a new registration system for user requests. The new system will ensure improved problem solving, a more coherent IT organisation, and IT supporters with more time for direct contact with users.

IT support at Health (HE support) began using the new case system on Tuesday 12 November 2013. The new system provides IT supporters with an improved overview of requests and solution times, as well as ensuring more flexible working procedures.

IT support at Health is a pilot project

The new system will be implemented throughout AU IT. IT support at Health has been chosen as a pilot project. When using the system you will experience a more coherent IT organisation, once the system is fully implemented.

IT support at AU currently uses a number of systems for registration of user requests and it is often necessary to transfer tasks from one system to another. This increases the risk of errors taking place and it can also be difficult to identify the status of a given task. One joint system throughout AU IT will therefore reduce some of the inexpedient working procedures that exist in the current systems.

Teething problems can be expected

Whenever a new system is taken into use there will always be a learning phase. This can unfortunately cause inconvenience for users. HE support hopes for your understanding and patience when contacting your local IT support during the next couple of weeks. 

Further information

Mads Rasmussen, Head of IT Support
AU IT, Health
Direct tel: +45 8715 3165
Mobile: +45 3092 2371