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Grant towards research into overweight and menopause

Associate Professor and PhD Mette Hansen from Aarhus University receives DKK 584,000 from the Danish Dairy Research Foundation (Mælkeafgiftsfonden) for a research project that focuses on overweight women who have begun the menopause.

When a woman begins the menopause, she loses muscle mass and strength. The same happens when a woman goes on a diet. This means that the combination of a diet and the menopause is therefore a potentially dangerous cocktail for overweight women. 

With the grant from the foundation, Mette Hansen and her fellow researchers will shed light on how different doses of milk protein can increase the accumulation of muscle proteins in overweight women who are in the process of losing weight. The research group will also study whether the women's muscles react differently to milk protein when they are on a diet and not dieting, respectively.  

The research project is part of a PhD project on the importance of milk protein for muscle protein conversion. PhD student Mads Sørensen Larsen will therefore undertake the daily management of the project. 


Associate Professor, PhD Mette Hansen
Aarhus University, Department of Public Health
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