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Grant paves the way for better treatment of psoriasis

With a grant of almost DKK 2.5 million from the Leo Foundation, Associate Professor Lasse Sommer Kristensen from Aarhus University and his research colleagues are now able to kickstart research that may contribute to better treatment of patients suffering from the chronic skin and arthritic disease psoriasis.

Persistent inflammation can lead to chronic skin diseases. One of these diseases is psoriasis – a relatively common chronic disease of the skin that is characterised by red, scaly patches.

Researchers have not yet succeeded in fully clarifying the molecular mechanisms behind psoriasis. The discovery of a new class of biomolecules in psoriasis, the so-called circular RNAs, may change this. Lasse Sommer Kristensen is one of the researchers behind the discovery.

It turns out that circular RNAs have important functions in our cells, and Lasse Sommer Kristensen will now utilise this knowledge to further advance his research and examine how these molecules contribute to the development of psoriasis patches. The goal is to use the new knowledge about the molecular mechanisms to open up for better treatment of psoriasis. 

Lasse Sommer Kristensen's grant from the Leo Foundation totals DKK 2,467,477.

Read more about Lasse Sommer Kristensen’s research in the press release ”Well-documented molecule not found in cancer cells”.



Associate Professor & PhD Lasse Sommer Kristensen
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