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Getting to Aarhus from the airport

First time arriving in Denmark is an exciting moment but in the same time you are unfamiliar with the transportation to reach your destination. There are a few options which you can take to go to Aarhus from the airports in Denmark.

From Billund to Aarhus

If you arrive in Billund Airport and want to head to Aarhus, there are two options (that is currently available) you can take. Each option has different schedules that you can make as an alternative depending on your arrival schedule.


The 912X bus is one of the airport buses that goes directly between Billund airport and Aarhus. It takes about 1,5 hours. The bus connects between Billund airport – (Vejle) – Horsens – Skanderborg – Aarhus with schedule every one hour (usually). However, the schedule may be different within certain days such as weekdays and weekend, which you can check the schedule on midttrafik 912X bus schedule

NOTE: The bus only stops in Vejle for special depatures at night.

On Rejseplanen, the ticket price also can be bound that cost around 164-172 dkk (2024 update) and different prices for other categories. You can also buy the ticket on Rejseplanen app or website and pay directly on the bus. When you arrive Billund airport, you can also find the schedule on the schedule board before the exit door. The bus stop is located just in front of the exit gate of the airport.

To pay for your ticket, there are multiple options:

  • Pay in cash, with an accepted debit/credit card, or your rejsekort (a transit card bought once you arrive in Aarhus).
  • On the Midttrafik app - select 'Billund Airport to Aarhus C' 
  • On the Midttrafik webshop 

43 Bus + Train from Vejle to Aarhus C

Another option to reach Aarhus from Billund airport is to take the combination between 43 bus and train. The 43 bus goes from Billund airport to Vejle central station (Vejle Trafikcenter), which takes about 30 minutes to reach there. The bus schedule can be seen on the link Sydtrafik website and the ticket can be purchased using cash on the bus or through the Sydtrafik App. You can by a Single ticket from Billund Airport to Vejle with the price around 40-60 dkk. We recommend you to buy and get the ticket before you get on the bus. If you want to buy the ticket on the bus, you can buy on the ticket machine using cash (no cards). You can also use Rejsekort to pay for the bus, however Rejsekort can be purchased only once you get your CPR number. 

In order to take the connection to the train, you need to see the schedule and buy the ticket at Rejseplanen and search the matching schedule with your bus. The ticket can be added with a seat reservation that cost 30 dkk. The price of the ticket can be differed by the type of the train you will take and the time of your reservation. The closer to the train schedule will depart, the more expensive ticket you will get. We suggest to plan the journey at least 2-3 weeks before the departure in order to get the cheaper price. You can also download DSB app in your phone (available for iphone and android) to see the schedule and buy the ticket around Denmark. If you sign up in the app, everytime you buy a ticket in the app, you will get points that you collect and use to get coffees, pastries or meals at 7-Eleven!

I would like to note that the Sydtrafik App cannot be used to purchase bus tickets around Aarhus because it is for a different region in Denmark. In order to explore around Aarhus, you can download Midttrafik App.

It is also important to note that once you enter the city of Aarhus and travel on our city buses, you cannot purchase tickets on the bus - you MUST have either a Rejsekort or the Midttrafik app downloaded.

From Aarhus Airport to Aarhus

Aarhus airport is located close to Aarhus, but its name is a bit misleading, since you have to travel almost an hour or even more to get to the center of Aarhus from the Aarhus airport or vice versa.

The easiest way is to take the bus 925X, which is an airport shuttle and the schedule is fixed with the airport arrivals. It will take you directly to the main train station, Aarhus H. You can buy your tickets on the bus or from the Midttrafik App which will cost 115 dkk. (See under special tickets and a picture like the one below: )

NOTE: You must book your bus not later than 1 hour before your departure is you're traveling from Aarhus to Aarhus Airport.

An alternative, but longer option is to take Letbanen 1, (L1) from Aarhus H to Kolind and change to bus 312. If you chose this way, you would spend 1.5 hours with travelling. I also do not recommend this route if you do not have a Rejsekort. It might be pretty tricky to buy tickets to different vehicles, so if you come to Aarhus for the first time or travel from Aarhus without Rejsekort I recommend you use the shuttle bus and purchase your ticket in the app. If you have Rejsekort it will cost you approximately 108 dkk to get from the airport to Aarhus.

Paying using card and on an app is a common feature in Denmark, so you do not have to have cash all the time, your credit card is enough to pay for most things.

From Copenhagen Airport to Aarhus

In my opinion, the easiest and cheapest way to travel from Copenhagen airport to Aarhus is taking the Flixbus. If you book your tickets in advance, you might be lucky to pay only 120 dkk or even less, but the prices can rise.  It does not run so frequently though, so you might consider taking the direct train from Copenhagen Airport to Aarhus H (mian train station) which runs more often. You can check the schedule and prices on the DSB app or on the DSB website (https://www.dsb.dk/). It is also wise to buy your ticket for the train in advance, because the prices tend to rise and be higher on the day of your travel.