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Get in front of the queue

As a PhD student and postdoc, you have an advantage in front of everyone else for a brand new and modern home – centrally at Katrinebjerg. Close to the university, shopping (Storcenter Nord), fitness, transport, park, city centre, etc.

These are 129 energy-efficient homes. 51 of these are earmarked for PhD student and postdocs. They frame a green environment with an outdoor kitchen and other communal facilities, as well as a south faced courtyard area. There are also several communal rooms, a underground parking area and a green rooftop terrace with fantastic views of the city and the sea.

In 2017, the foundation's subsidiary FEAS sold the land register to AARHUSbolig, with the condition that dwellings are entered where a certain number of the tenancy targets are given priority to PhD students and postdoc employees.