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Get funding for an interdisciplinary PhD project

Health researchers now have the opportunity to apply for three months' salary for a potential PhD student who can plan and develop an interdisciplinary PhD project. Only researchers who join up with a colleague from another of Health’s departments can apply for the funds.

An ever-increasing share of external research funding goes to interdisciplinary projects that are capable of crossing disciplines in order to find the best possible solutions to specific societal challenges. That is why the faculty management team now provides a helping hand to researchers looking to initiate interdisciplinary PhD projects.

Researchers at associate professor-level and above in collaboration with a colleague from another department at Health can apply for a grant of DKK 120,000 towards an introductory scholarship. The aim of the scholarship is to affiliate a potential PhD student with the applicant’s research project. The scholarship provides some economic elbowroom to develop, plan and secure funding for the interdisciplinary PhD project.

The applicant and co-applicant will then take part in the project as supervisor and co-supervisor, respectively. Recipients of the introductory scholarship will have good prospects with respect to applying for a full or partial scholarship from the department’s or the faculty’s PhD funds.

Read more about the introductory scholarships and find the application form at Health’s employee website.

The deadline for applications is Monday 4 May 2020 at 12:00.


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