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Find students for your next research project

On 31 October 2019, Health and the Society for Medical Student Research (SMS) will give the faculty’s researchers the chance to recruit talented Health students for current and future research projects at the annual Health Match Making Day.



Need to find a talented student for your next research project? Then come along to Health Match Making Day, where you will have the opportunity to present your research project to hundreds of students who all share an interest in research and collaboration.

The event replaces ‘Researcher Dating’, which SMS has hosted for several years. However, though the event has a new name, it will still be the students who take the lead on the day. Furthermore, SMS have worked with the faculty to expand the event so that companies also have the opportunity to meet candidates for e.g. internships, work placement and both Master’s thesis and PhD projects.

Meet in an informal setting

Health Match Making Day is an event where you as a researcher get the chance to advertise and promote not only any project ideas you have underway, but also your field of research in general. At the same time, you get to meet students from many different fields of study in an informal setting where you can get to know each other a little. This informal network atmosphere is one of the aspects which the new event retains from its predecessor.

“I look back on Research Dating as an event that helped to break the ice and make it easier for the students to make contact and say that they wanted to collaborate on a project. My colleague and I established a collaboration with a talented and dedicated student which has resulted in a successful research year and a scientific article that has just been sent to a scientific journal,” says PhD Julie Brogaard Larsen from the Department of Clinical Medicine. She found the right student in connection with her and her colleague's poster presentation.

Another example of a good match is Emil Nielsen Holck. He has just begun a fully funded PhD degree programme at the Department of Clinical Medicine, the seeds of which were first sown when he took part in Research Dating already during his fourth semester.

"I talked to around 15 different researchers and found a project that sounded really exciting. That was the start of what became a research year, a great deal of research in my own time and now this PhD degree,” he says and emphasises that he would have been very unlikely to find the project or his supervisor if he had not taken part in the event.

How to register

If you take part as a researcher you will have the opportunity to present your project at the big poster session in the Student House. A limited number of participants will furthermore have the chance to hold a three minute flash talk.

If you wish to participate with a poster or a flash talk, then please register via events.au.dk (the deadline for registration is 30 September).

Find out more about the programme and find the poster templates and much more on Health Match Making Day’s website.


Health Match Making Day is an annual event which will in future be held during the spring.


Chair of SMS Kasper Munch Lauridsen
MD, Student
Email: kml@biomed.au.dk

Vice-dean for Education Charlotte Ringsted
Aarhus University, Health
Email: charlotte.ringsted@au.dk
Mobile: (+45) 9350 8222