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Final decision on Campus 2.0 in February

Aarhus University will prepare further background material that illustrates the financial consequences of the master plan for the physical development of the university, before a decision is made by the board.

At the recently held board meeting, it was decided that the final consideration of the plans for Campus 2.0 will take place at the board meeting on 21 February. The board supported the wish of the Rector’s Office to postpone the decision, in order to give the university plenty of time to calculate the expected future building costs.

“We’re facing a significant evolution of the university, so I am very pleased that we are taking the necessary time to prepare an even more sound and substantiated basis for decision. It is particularly important that we carefully assess how to ensure that, for example, our future rent will not take up too much of our budget – and it must be balanced with our academic environments getting the best possible facilities,” says Rector Brian Bech Nielsen.

At the meeting, the board also discussed the many submissions from students and employees to the recently completed consultation process for the master plan, which has been in internal consultation at AU since the summer.

“We have received very constructive and informed input. We will take these ideas into the process of the development of the future Aarhus University,” says Rector Brian Bech Nielsen, who is pleased with the great interest and support from students and employees.

Facts about Campus 2.0

  • In the spring the board approved a preliminary draft of Campus 2.0, a vision for the physical development of AU. The vision includes the future lease of University City (the former city hospital) and AU’s other locations, as the physical development of the university should be viewed as a whole.
  • At the general meeting on 2 May, the vision and master plan for the development of AU as an even more concentrated campus university was presented to students and employees.
  • The master plan has been in consultation at the university since the summer, and input was collected from students and employees.
  • User involvement processes at the faculties were handled in different ways, which also reflects differences in how much the individual faculties are expected to be affected by the master plan. Students and employees have participated actively. 
  • Among other initiatives, there have been general meetings and workshops, and there have been after-work meetings with inspirational presentations for all students and employees.
  • In addition, students and employees have had the opportunity to send ideas and input via email to nycampus@au.dk.
  • A great deal of input was received, which was presented at the board meeting on 13 December, and which will be involved in the future work.
  • The final consideration of the overall master plan – including the financial calculations – will take place at the board meeting on 21 February.

Additional information

  • Read more about the plans for the university’s physical development at nycampus.au.dk.