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Fewer English-speaking student places at AU

The Danish government’s plans to reduce the number of international students at the Danish universities have concrete consequences for Aarhus University.

Agreement with Ministry means fewer international students at AU. Photo: Lars Kruse

AU has reached an agreement with the Ministry of Higher Education and Science which means that no new students will be the Bachelor’s degree programme in Marketing and Management Communication, and in 2020 admission to the Master’s degree programme in Corporate Communication will also close. Both programmes are offered by the Department of Management. 

All current students will be able to finish their degree, but students who were admitted to the Bachelor’s degree programme in Marketing and Management Communication in 2017 and 2018 won’t have the opportunity to continue on the Master’s degree programme in Corporate Communication. Aarhus BSS is working on ensuring them places on another relevant Master’s degree programme.

Consequences for Arts as well

Arts is in the process of clarifying the specific consequences of the this degree programme resizing. A number of degree programmes and lines offered in English will be converted into Danish-language programmes, but circumstances at the affected lines and programmes involved are different, and the specific plans won’t be finalised until the end of this week. In any case, all current students will also be able to finish the degree they have started.

“We now have a result which ensures that we are in compliance with the ministry’s requirements, but there’s no question that it will have a negative impact on internationalisation. We will get fewer international students, and our Danish students will also be studying in a less international environment. In my view, it would have been preferable for the government to focus on the benefits of retaining more international students, instead of imposing yet another ceiling on us,” says Pro-rector Berit Eika.