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Fertility researcher will examine the biology of the ovaries

A grant from the Carlsberg Foundation now makes it possible for Mahboobeh Amoushahi from Aarhus University to examine the quality of eggs in the ovaries at both molecular and biochemical level. She hopes that her research will in the long term help women with reduced fertility.

Mahboobeh Amoushahi from the Department of Biomedicine at Aarhus University has just received DKK 1.2 million from the Carlsberg Foundation towards her research project into the biology of the ovaries. The goal of the research is to develop new treatments for women with reduced fertility. 

In connection with this goal, the researcher will examine the quality of eggs in the ovaries using both molecular and biochemical approaches. Mahboobeh Amoushahi will attempt to manipulate the activation of eggs while at the same time maintaining the quality of the eggs. 

If the researcher succeeds in doing this, it will represent a major step towards treatment of infertile women who do not respond to traditional forms of treatment.

Postdoc Mahboobeh Amoushahi
Aarhus University, Department of Biomedicine