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Fertility researcher from Aarhus University receives the Lundbeck Foundation’s talent prize

Thor Haahr, clinical assistant and PhD student from Aarhus University and Skive Regional Hospital, has just received the Lundbeck Foundation talent prize for his research into involuntary childlessness.

In addition to a cash prize of DKK 100,000, the three researchers who have received the Lundbeck Foundation’s talent prize were also praised for their work. One of them is Thor Haahr, who is clinical assistant and PhD student at the Department of Clinical Medicine, Aarhus University, and at Skive Regional Hospital.

All three researchers are still in their twenties and, as the Lundbeck Foundation states, are already exceptional talents who have delivered impressive contributions in their respective research fields at a very young age.

Thor Haahr conducts research into whether bacterial imbalance in a woman's reproductive organs could be related to a reduced chance of becoming pregnant, and whether treatment with antibiotics and live lactic acid bacteria can increase the chance of pregnancy. 


Clinical Assistant and PhD student Thor Haahr
Aarhus University, Department of Clinical Medicine and
Skive Regional Hospital
Mobile: (+45) 2788 5402
Email: thorhaahr@clin.au.dk