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Familiar faces appointed to administrative management positions

Nete Dorff Ramlau-Hansen is the new manager of the Faculty Secretariat, and Lise Terkildsen has been appointed the new manager of the Graduate School at Health.

Two well-known faces have been appointed as new division managers at HE Administrative Centre.

In the faculty secretariat, Nete Dorff Ramlau-Hansen will in future be head of the seven employees who support the faculty management team and the Dean's Office.

Keywords: Coordination and staff and student involvement

"Our task is to translate the faculty's strategic plans into specific activities, to coordinate with other parts of the university and to work with the processes which ensure staff and student involvement," says Nete Dorff Ramlau-Hansen.

"I wish to head a faculty secretariat that demonstrates a high degree of responsibility for the task at hand and a high level of commitment. A secretariat that works with coordination and a holistic approach, with focus on the recipients of our services, regardless of whether they are the departments, other administrative units, other faculties or the dean. Also a secretariat with a high degree of well-being and job satisfaction, where we work together," says the new division manager in the faculty secretariat.

Nete was previously quality manager at Aarhus University Hospital. She has acted as the daily manager and adviser in the faculty secretariat at Health during autumn 2015 and has now been appointed to a permanent position as division manager at the same workplace.

We must think and work smarter

At the Graduate School of Health, Lise Terkildsen manages 13 employees. She has overall responsibility for the administrative operation and development of the PhD programme at Health, including research years, PhD degree programmes and higher doctoral dissertations.

"We must deliver professional, efficient and coherent administrative support to all the parties involved in the PhD programme. In addition, we need to expand our collaboration and coordination with Health’s departments and the other departments in the administrative centre," says Lise Terkildsen.

"In the coming years I want to focus on how the PhD programme can become even more effective in its administration, without people meeting a lower level of service and academic quality. If anything it should improve, while at the same time being a workplace characterised by well-being and job satisfaction," says Lise Terkildsen.

Lise Terkildsen has been acting division manager for the Graduate School of Health for almost a year. Prior to this she was team leader at the same location. Lise was previously employed as HR Manager at Midttrafik, before joining Health in January 2012.

Further information
Division Manager Nete Dorff Ramlau-Hansen
Aarhus University, HE Administrative Centre, HE Faculty Secretariat
Mobile: (+45) 2099 9059

Division Manager Lise Terkildsen Aarhus University, HE Administrative Centre, The Graduate School of Health Direct tel.: (+45) 8716 8387 lte@au.dk