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Experiencing problems with your access card?

If you have more than one access card, you must use the most recent one to access AU’s buildings from 4 October. If your access card does not work, you have to order a new one.

Digitisation of access systems

AU Finance and Estates Project Development is merging the various access databases into one joint database in connection with the digitisation of access systems.

From 4 October, this means that:


  • If you have more than one access card, only the most recent one will work.
  • Your access card must be replaced if it does not work.
  • Your access card will be deleted from the system and will stop working if you are no longer an employee or a student at AU.

Note: Campus HIH and the Navitas building will not be affected by the access system changes.


Need a new access card?

If your access card is no longer working, you have to order a new one here: http://medarbejdere.au.dk/en/administration/au-planning/access-card/

If you need help, please contact your local Estates Facilities unit:

ST Estates Facilities
Aarhus BSS Estates Facilities
Arts Estates Facilities
Health Estates Facilities

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause for students and staff at AU.