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EDMaRC Workshop: From Primordial Germ Cells to Spermatozoa (deadline: 15 November 2015)

The PhD course will take place from Tuesday 24th November to Friday 27th November, 2015. Venue: Copenhagen, Rigshospitalet, Auditorium 1.

Programme: See printable programme: http://edmarc.net/upcoming-courses.html

Organising committee:
Niels Jørgensen, Chris Barrett, Niels E. Skakkebæk, Anders Juul

The course is open both to PhD students and non PhD students. 

Before 1st November, 2015: 400 € (3000 DKK)

After 1st November, 2015: 475 € (3575 DKK)


Registration before November 1st:  400 Euros - Please register online here

Registration November 1st or later: 475 Euros - Please register online here

PhD students from Danish Universities (except Copenhagen Business School) must register here

The online registration will close on Monday 16th November, however, on-site registration will be available. 

If you experience any difficulties with online registration please write an email to EDMaRC coordinator Dina Meng: dina.muscat.meng@regionh.dk